Jesse Reeves (talamascanjesse) wrote in desvampires,
Jesse Reeves

london, night.

Jesse stirred. She had been having a nightmare.

Another one. Like the one where she could hear Nicki laughing, but this time it was more ominous...

This time, Jesse could see Nicki playing, she was watching him, like she had in the park. And when he turned toward her, she saw that he was covered in blood, just as he had been in the street earlier, when he'd mercilessly attacked that man.

And his eyes... they were more dead than she'd ever seen them.

She woke up, sat up straight, looked over at Nicki. Still asleep. Still peaceful. Still hers.

Jesse settled back down in to the bed, watching Nicki, afraid to sleep. It was almost time to get up, anyway.
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