Nicolas de Lenfent (_lenfent_) wrote in desvampires,
Nicolas de Lenfent


Nicolas took Jesse’s hands and let her pull him up to his feet. The bottom half of his, which wasn’t buttoned, flew back with the sudden movement. He finished buttoning the shirt, watching the some of the crowd mingle, and others leave. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and shook his head.

“I could never imagine playing in front of so many people,” Nicolas said lowly and shook his head again. He had a sense of amazement on his face and his eyes clouded over and he had an almost melancholic look in his eyes. No doubt he was feeling nostalgic.

He turned to Jesse and smiled softly. “I have something to ask of you. It may be out of line, but I know I can’t do it myself,” he said simply.
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