mialapandora (mialapandora) wrote in desvampires,

Late sleeper

Pandora awoke alone, and knew that she had overslept. The pain she had drifted of to sleep in had dissipated with the extra rest, and her skin was left a faint bronze. It made her chuckle, her first burn from the sun and she barely had a tan. Wrapping Marius’ cloak around her she crawled out of the shelter of Lestat’s old castle and traveled to the town proper.

Her first intention had been to seek out Marius and Lestat. Marius at least would be in the area, or he wouldn’t have left his cloak. If he returned to the castle looking for her, he would know since she had taken the cloak that she was also still in the area. Paris distracted her though. Locking herself within a public toilet she pulled the roses and ribbons from her strangled hair and washed away what blood she could from Lestat’s tears. She still looked horrible, a wild thing with crinkled clothes, but she was presentable enough to walk the streets at a mortals pace.

Somehow she found herself inside on of the many stores: going through a rack of dresses with a sales lady hovering over her, wanting her to try this specific dress because it would just be perfect for her. The attention was unneeded, but in the end Pandora was glad that she had not sent her away. The dress was made from layers of pure cotton revealed the color of the skin beneath it without being truly see through. The hem fell high on her thigh and the fake corset laced top was sleevless, Marius’ cloak looked fabulous over it. She hadn’t expected to shop and therefore had no money but with a little mental persuasion she left the store with already wearing the dress, her hair brushed smooth.

Feeling much better, she opened her mind in search of Lestat… hoping Marius was with him. Please tell me Lestat, that you haven’t left me in this foreign city to search for a fledgling that may want to remain dead alone.
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