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Feeding the Musician

Jesse didn't speak, figuring that asking before flying was enough of a warning. She wound an arm around Nicki, and, once more, willed them up.

They only went a few miles. Jesse blinked and their flight was over. She set them down, careful not to make any noise.

They were in a parking lot, behind a bar, with almost a spotlight of light on them coming from an outdoor bulb.

Jesse smoothed her hair. She extended her hand to Nicki.

Shall we?
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Nicolas smiled and took her hand in his.

"Do you play with your food?" he asked seriously.

They walked into the bar together and Nicki felt all the male eyes turn to Jesse. With a quick shake of his head, he hid his face behind his hair. He knew he was beyond pale and there was no reason to draw more attention to them.

He walked over to the bar and sat on a stool, making sure there was an empty one next to him for Jesse.
Usually, Jesse responded, walking into the bar.

She felt a shift in the bar. Eyes. Eyes on her. She'd forgotten how pale she was; this couldn't be her looks. Jesse ran a hand through her hair, following Nicki over to the bar itself and an empty stool to the left of him.

Her eyebrow arched itself. Jesse looked at Nicki, able to feel how much he needed to feed. It was making her almost salivate. That was the problem; the blood was wonderful, and no matter how much Jesse didn't need it, if someone around her did, she wanted it.

More than anything.

The bartender walked over and Jesse ordered herself a bottle of Guiness, her favorite drink when she was alive. She lamented, silently and for a split second, that she could never drink it again. Or have an Irish Car Bomb.

But she could have the blood. Jesse began looking through the room, listening to the thoughts of the people in the bar.

See something you like? She sent the thought to Nicki, smiling and lifting the bottle to her lips as if she was drinking it.

Nicolas smiled as he looked around the room. He let out a long sigh and closed his eyes. He hadn't realized how hungry he had been until he was surrounded by mortals.

He turned to Jesse, his eyes wide and glazed. He blinked and at once they appeared to be mortal eyes, warm and inviting.

"I do. I'll be back,"he said as he slid off of the stool and approached a table full of young, smiling mortal females.

Jesse could see him standing in front of the table, his hands moving as he talked and the back of his head shaking as if he were agreeing with something. He sat down next to an obviously fake blonde, hardly wearing any clothing, but her ample amount of make-up made up for her lack of clothes. He wrapped his arm around the blondes shoulers and turned to wink quickly at Jesse.
Jesse shook her head. Men.

She continued to pretend to drink, scanning the bar for someone... something... for herself.

And she found it.

A dark haired man, 40-something, sitting a few feet away at the bar, alone, smoking Marlboro Reds (cowboy killers, Jesse thought) and drinking shots. Looked like tequila. And he had a line of shot glasses in front of him. Seven. She'd read his mind and didn't like what she saw. He'd do quite nicely.

Jesse went and sat with him, winking at Nicki.
Jesse could hear Nicki's laughter coming from the table, loud and she could tell it was fake, but the mortal women laughed as if they thought Nicolas was really enjoying himself.

She could also hear Nicolas whisper sweet nothings in French to the girl, things she didn't understand but giggled at anyway, pushing herself closer to him.

Quicker then the mortals could see, Nicolas turned to Jesse and rolled his eyes. He laughed then, a genuine laugh, and turned his attention back to the girls where he continued making small talk.
Nicki's eye-roll almost made Jesse have a laughing fit. He'd certainly picked himself a table full of idiots, hadn't he?

The man took another shot. Jesse smiled gently at him, telling him silently What if I told you that you were going to die tonight?

She gripped his mind like a vice. He was hers.

And Nicki could see her from across the room, whispering just about into this man's neck, legs crossed on the bar stool, red hair falling all around her.

What if I told you that you were going to die tonight?

Nicolas stared at Jesse. He raised one eyebrow and smirked. He picked up one of the glasses and raised it to Jesse in a mock toast.

"More than you know. I want to do it in the alleyway," he answered her.

He stood up and took the blonde girl's hands in his. He pulled her close to him, placing a kiss on her forehead. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and laughed when her red headed friend stood up and grabbed Nicki's arm. As the three walked out of the side door, Nicolas looked back at Jesse, silently asking if she was going to follow.
Jesse watched the trio leave, and knew that the look from Nicki was an invitation.

She whispered in the man's ear, telling him to follow her, telling him everything she knew he wanted to hear. He was blissfully ignorant, and, as before, completely hers.

She led him out the door Nicki had gone through not two minutes before. They stood in the back lot where Jesse and Nicki had touched down, that same bare light streaming down.

Jesse smiled. What if I said you were going to die right now?
Nicolas already had the blonde girl against the wall, kissing her, still whispering in French. He opened his eyes and looked at Jesse when he heard her question and he smiled as best as he could.

Not taking his eyes off Jesse, Nicolas sunk his fangs into the female's tender flesh of her neck, his eyes widening as the blood rushed into his mouth. He stifled a small moan as he slid her down the wall, her friend laughing behind Nicolas, oblivious to Jesse and the other man.

When he was through, Nicolas closed the delicate marks on her neck and made sure she sat up straight. He turned around to her friend and grinned at Jesse as he sunk his fangs into the other female's flesh.
Jesse saw Nicki bite one of the girls, his eyes fixed on her, and she shuddered. That was all the provocation she needed.

She threw the man violently against the brick behind him, kissed his neck, her fangs grazing the flesh. The man was too drunk to realize anything was even happening. Jesse bit down, closing her eyes.

She hadn't fed in what seemed like forever. The rush of blood in her mouth made her cry out a little, even if this blood was full of images of hatred, abuse, vice. She took every drop, even the death, and only then was Jesse aware that she'd broken the man's collarbone when she threw him into the wall.

Jesse bit her finger, pressed the wound to the bite marks on the corpse's throat. And she let him fall to the ground.

She shut her eyes again, licking her lips.

Then she looked at nicki.

Nicolas stayed on the ground. He was leaning back on his elbows, one leg stretched out, the other propped up, his head tilted back as he breathed heavily. He lifted his head slowly, his curls falling into his eyes as he stared back at Jesse, his mouth slightly open.

He noticed the man on the ground, his collarbone broken. What would the people think when they found the three mortals? One man dead with a broken collarbone and too dead females. Rape, probably.

"Aggressive," was all Nicki said as he rose to his knees, trying to stand up. How long had it been since he last fed? Too long. Obviously too long.
Jesse's mouth was slightly open. She could still taste the blood. She reached down and lifted Nicki to his feet, probably too swiftly and with too much strength.

She could hear music inside the bar. "How should I feel, Now I stand here waiting... I thought I told you to leave me while I walked down to the beach...Tell me how does it feelwhen your heart grows cold..."

She didn't move, just looked at Nicki and smiled, the blood coursing through her, warming her and just about making her glisten. Jesse was normally quite pretty, but when after feeding she was radiant.

She raised one of her eyebrows, laughed a little.
Nicolas did not expect Jesse to help him up and her strength amazed him. He fell against her but soon spun around and leaned against the wall next to her.

"How does it feel? How should I feel? Tell me how does it feel? To treat me like you do..." Nicki lowly sang the end of the sang.

"Mon Dieu," Nicolas whispered as he stared at Jesse. He never though the blood could do that to someone, enhance them so much. She was so strong, so very strong...

Nicolas watched her raise her eyebrow and smirk.

"You know what I'm tempted to do..."
What are you tempted to do?

Jesse was still smirking. She couldn't stop, it seemed.

She licked at her lips again, and realized she could still taste the blood, and something else.

Jesse laughed, almost hysterically. Her eyes were bright and still fixed on Nicki.

He had so much tequila...
Nicolas tilted his head back and laughed at Jesse's statement.

"Lucky! They had trendy fruity drinks. I'll taste strawberries for the rest of the week!" he said and laughed. He covered his mouth. He hadn't realized he had been laughing so loud.

"Just this" he answered and pushed her eyebrow down once more, laughing hysterically, his eyes shinning and his face flushed.


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