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Jesse and Nicki travelling again

Nicki's exclamation of "take me" had brought a curve to the edges of Jesse's mouth. She hadn't realized he'd wanted the violin, or the mirror for that matter. His reaction led her to believe he'd leave them in that field.

But when he ran back to get him, she was sure of two things- that she definitely, and unfortunately cared for him, and that he was not completely insane.

She wound her arms around Nicki's waist and willed them both upward, away from the field. No more than ten minutes later they touched back down, standing now in the desert near to Maharet's home- but not near enough for it to be a concern.

Jesse let go of Nicki, her red hair wild and her eyes wide. She gestured to a boulder that stood near a Joshua tree. Up there, she said to him, not speaking.

This was a place Jesse used to come to talk with Maharet, during the summer she spent with her and with Mael. It was, in her opinion, the best place on the planet to sit and talk, and it was shrouded with important memories and the laughter of those Jesse cared about.

She quickly, easily jumped up onto the rock, not realizing what a labor that climb must have been for her as a mortal. She hadn't been here as a vampire yet.

Jesse looked down over the edge of the thing at Nicki. Well?
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