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I was furious, restless at the nerve of that elderly fool, thinking he could waltz back into MY life and expect hugs and kisses, talk about the art of thinking to highly of themselves. For countless decades I thought him dead, and now I turn around hearing his whispery toothless voice, filled with empty love obvious affection and deluded intentions. Out of all the times he could have made himself known to me he has to pick now of all times, what is this the years of resurrection Nicki, Magnus. What else is there that will pop up and slap me in the face with surprise. I felt lost as is at there on the curb taking in all these revelations, wondering the whereabouts of Magnus and just what he was up to.

I stood brushed of the shins of my pants, before meeting the bridge of my nose with my fingers in a moment of regaining composure. Before a deep unnecessary inhale, I swept my fingers though my hair and walked back into the apartment dropping myself into the depths of a lounger trying to contemplate my next step..
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