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Theatre des Vampires
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Players must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Proper etiquette is expected. Be polite and respectful. No cursing or judging of other members. If you are insulted by another player, bring it to the attention of a moderator. Please note: Tension is necessary within a story, therefore not all characters will get along. If someone's character insults your character - IC, then they're not really insulting you, the characters controller. This is true of all in character emotions.

Each character must have a live journal with a name that represents that character. A biography of your character is expected to appear within your user information. In addition, to foster open discussion regarding character interactions each player should consider providing an AIM screen name. Individuals who are comfortable with live role play may also use AIM to do so for one on one interaction. (These interactions must still be posted) Please contact a moderator for help working through interaction questions if you cannot contact the opposite player or if there is a disagreement.

You must have detailed knowledge of the character you wish to play. This means that you have read every book they appeared in, at least once. While original interpretations on characters make the play more original, your character should be recognizable by their personality, flaws, appearance, speech, movements, etc.

Basic Role Playing etiquette is expected. No killing of other characters. Each character is entitled to respond to all actions, do not assume how characters will respond. Do not write an action for another character unless it has been approved by that character’s player in an OOC conversation, again do not assume.

This RPG is slash-friendly. Why? Because within the books Armand and Marius have a relationship. David and Lestat have a relationship. Lestat and Louis have a relationship. Armand and Daniel have a relationship. Need I go on? With different players interpreting, these characters may or may not continue to have a relationship within our story. All players will be allowed to play their characters as they see fit. This does not mean that vampires can do nothing but fawn over each other, but the interactions between characters is an artery to the heart of any story and it will not be suppressed here. Please note: You cannot force another player into a relationship because of history within the books with the vampires you are playing. Emotional interaction is under the sole discretion of the player, however all interactions are to remain within the scope of the character.

All role playing posts are to be posted as public in the community unless they contain material inappropriate for minors, these should be posted as friends only. OOC (Out Of Character) posts must be posted in the OOC community. You must join the OOC community with either your personal or character journal.

Members must post on a regular basis, as the community comes together fully this will be set to a specific time that all members feel is acceptable. Please let the moderators know and post in the OOC community if you will be unavailable. If you are going to be unavailable for a long period of time please write your character out of the current story line. If this is not followed the plot can't move along. Players who repeatedly disappear for long unexplained absences without warning will have their character placed in audition status.

    Individuals, who request to play an audition status character, will submit a sample of writing in character and the moderators will weigh the situation and decide who will play the character in the future. This does not mean that characters will automatically be given away. It will be decided on a case by case basis looking at all facts which include: quality of writing, originality, characters importance within the plot, and the interests of the community as a whole.

    If you return to find your character has been taken over through an audition you will be unable to regain control of that character once again. You will be welcome to join the role play as a new character.

This community is moderated by mialapandora and leliodlioncourt. mod•er•a•tor noun : one who arbitrates, mediator. Please feel free to contact the moderators with any questions/opinions/complaints in a polite and respectful manner. If you come to a moderator in this fashion, you will be listened too and seriously considered in the same manner. Drama and disrespect will not be tolerated.

To join, send an e-mail to lamiapandora @ graffiti.net Include the character you want to play, and a couple sentences about why you would be a good choice to play him/her. You may also join our OOC community and start a discussion there if you have questions. Membership to the in character role playing community will not be approved until a moderator has been contacted in some fashion regarding the character you wish to play.

Character's Taken:
Pandora - mialapandora
Lestat de Lioncourt - leliodlioncourt
Marius de Romanus - de_romanus
Louis Pointe du Lac - _louis_
Jesse Reeves - talamascanjesse
Nicolas de Lenfent - _lenfent_
Armand - _amadeo_
Daniel Molloy - thedevilsminion

Character's Wanted: These are characters we are actively seeking because we feel they are vital to the plot. You are not required to choose one of these characters. You may take any living character that is not listed under character’s taken.

David Talbot

Disclaimer: The Vampire Chronicals are owned by Anne Rice. Use of material and characters within these books is for nonprofit entertainment ie:FICTION and no disrespect is intended.