Jesse Reeves (talamascanjesse) wrote in desvampires,
Jesse Reeves

The Motherhouse

Jesse smiled over her shoulder at Nicki, winked, and grabbed him. It would be easier to fly there. They'd be on the Talamasca's front lawn before Jesse could even say 'Talamasca.'

Arms wound around Nicki, Jesse rose up into the London air, feeling her stomach knot.

Stupid. This is stupid. Nervous for a bunch of scholars that think you're dead? Or is it that you KNOW you shouldn't do this...

Less than five minutes later Jesse's feet hit the great green lawn of the motherhouse, a big structure, a mansion. She saw a light on in what used to be her room and smiled.

"Home," Jesse said, smirking a little evilly.
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Nicolas hadn't expected them to fly. He was still used to walking. However, he didn't hate flying now as much as he did before, especially when he wasn't the one flying. Being the passenger was so much better.

He looked at the building. Well, it wasn't really a building. It was a huge structure, one of the biggest that Nicolas had ever seen. The place oozed of intelligence and wealth. He held his breath and bit his bottom lap. Beautiful structure. It was almost what he was used to seeing when he was younger.

They know we're here, don't they?
Jesse winked at Nicki.

"Yes, of course they do."

We watch. And we are always here. You know that bit, right?

Jesse started walking toward the building with a sigh. You know how to lock your thoughts... do it. You don't want these guys picking your brain without your permission.

Jesse almost laughed. You thought I was bad?? Nosy bunch of bastards.
Oh right, that little slogan

He hated that slogan, but for some reason, he couldn't say why. It irked him. It was almost as if they were claiming immortality when they had no idea what it was really like.

Falling into step with Jesse, he couldn't help but sigh. Do I get to play patient again? I'm not sure I'll open up so easily again. Emotions like that are saved for special people

Nicolas looked at Jesse and smirked.
"You don't have to open up at all," Jesse said. "And neither do they."

Jesse nodded her head to the left, knowing that Nicki would follow. Lock your mind, and I mean LOCK it.

She led him to the side of the building, and Jesse could feel people watching her, but not see them.

God, she hated the sneakiness. But she guessed that without it, she wouldn't be who she was, or know how to get inside the building probably undetected. Most of the Talamascans in this place wouldn't even be able to figure out how she did it.

Jesse thought, guarding it like gold, about David. David had shown her the way in. Loose bricks and a secret passageway. How very cloak and dagger.

Jesse walked up to the wall, felt for the loose brick, pushed it, and watched the wall move. Inside was another door that a human would need a key for, but Jesse opened it, hearing the door jamb click as she put her strength, Maharet's strength, behind it.

The door stood open.

Nicolas bit back the urge to make a caustic remark about how well he knew how to cloak his mind. After all, even she, the Talamascan, believed he was. He didn't say anything, though, which was a bit out of the ordinary. Instead, he completely veiled his thoughts.

He raised his eyebrow when the door swung open and nodded. He would have never thought to look there. Good hiding place.

Not knowing what to do, or where they even where, Nicolas motioned Jesse to enter first.
Jesse's eyebrow arched as she went through the door. A little dark and narrow passage, yes, that's what she'd remembered.

And it would bring her up... right in the center of the building, in the corner of a little library David had loved.

The passage was dark, as she'd rememebred it, but it was so EASY to move through now with her vampiric vision. But it was still so close here.

Jesse pushed back the hatch at the end of the hall easily, swinging the door inward into the room.

Inside the library. Everything dusty. After David's 'death,' everything must've been let go, here. He was the only one that had ever cared much about this room. It was a collection of fiction that was housed here... scholars had other books to concern themselves with.

Jesse held her hand out to Nicki, waiting for him to come into the little library so she could shut the door.
Nicolas followed Jesse, amazed at how much his vision had improved. Of course he had always had better vision than mortals, but this? This was new. He could notice the dirt in the cracks, where as before, he probably wouldn't have, or it wouldn't have been so visible.

He fought the urge to touch the walls. Usually, Nicolas liked to touch new things to get a sense of them. However, he felt uneasy touching anything that belonged to the Talamasca.

Walking into the room, Nicki's eyes widened again. He could ignore the dust. After all, he hadn't always dwelled in the best conditions.

But the books...he spun around looking at the books. Nicki had never been much a reader, honestly. He stopped reading to spite his long dead father. But now? Again he fought the urge to touch them.
Jesse grinned at Nicki and shook her head in a 'don't touch' manner. They'd just love a fingerprint, wouldn't they?

She could feel telepaths trying to get into her head. The strength they had... but there must be many of them, concentrating on her and on Nicki. She blinked.

Quietly she said, "You feel that?"

If she could feel it and it annoyed her, then to Nicki it might be hardly tolerable. Jesse just didn't know.

She took Nicki's hand in hers and rubbed her thumb gently over the plane of his skin, pulling him foreward.

Jesse meant to lead him to the vault, but she couldn't tell him that, or think that, without trapping them inside this little fortress. She looked him in the eye, seriously, and raised a finger to her lips to say 'shhh,' nodding. Jesse then moved her finger and placed in on Nicki's lips in the same gesture, holding him with her eyes.
He felt it. In fact, to say that he felt the presence was the greatest understatement in the entire world history. It was almost unbearable.

Blinking a few times, he regained control of himself. He had met several Talamascans through the years but there had never been this many in such a small place. He could do this, though. He knew it. If he could do anything, he could hide and protect himself.

Nicolas nodded and with a smirk he clasped his hands behind his back. He'd be a good boy. He would touch nothing. He would say nothing.

Half of him wanted to cause a huge commotion just so word would leak out and leak to Lestat. Oh, what a way to announce his presence! No, Lestat, I'm not dead. I'm actually at the Motherhouse making a scene, a much bigger one than you ever did. Hey, did you miss me?

But he wouldn't. He would be the good boy.
Jesse reached behind Nicki and took his hand again, gesturing again by putting a finger to her lips. She looked him in the eyes and began to lead him out of the room.

The door was closed. Not a problem. One little thought, Open the door,, and it swung open. Jesse led them through it.

The part of the motherhouse that she and Nicki were in was deep inside, in one of the lesser-used hallways. And Jesse wanted to get to the vault.

That was not going to be easy. Jesse veiled it like nothing before, but she couldn't help thinking that she wished David were here to see this. She smirked.

Two hallways over and down the stairs, yes? She remembered. And she led Nicki through those two halls quickly and soundlessly.

Then, at the stairwell, Jesse stopped.

She felt what was like a seismic jolt. Telepath. Again. She looked at Nicki. God, that must be killing him!

Jesse narrowed her eyes. You'll leave us alone if you know what's good for you, she said in her mind, and unlocked the tumblers to the stairwell door one by one, catch by catch, without touching them.

She squeezed Nicki's hand.

Nicolas followed Jesse. He tried to have the apathetic look that he had when he first met Jesse but it was harder now. He could do it with millions of people around him, but with hundreds of Talamascans, it was hard. He did have the blank look on his face, but now the creasing of his eyebrows or a slight unintended squeeze of his hand let Jesse know that Nicolas was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

He let out a slight sigh as everything seemed to stop. Well, not everything, but hundreds of psychics weren't trying to completely figure him out. That was a pleasant change.
Jesse winked at him, as if to let Nicki know that she'd done that.

She nodded her head toward the open door and gently pulled Nicki through it, leading him down the flights of stairs into the vault.

Jesse began to question why she was bringing him here... what did she want him to see? What did she want to see, to be risking all of this? Lestat had never even gone into the vault, or tried to...

But there was no turning back now, really. Jesse sighed, continuing down the stairs, and when she saw the familiar steel door, she pushed at it with all her mental strength, visualizing the tumblers moving, and herself putting in the combination, and she heard the door click and saw it open slightly.

Nicolas smirked and nodded. Of course Jesse did that. Who else would have? He leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck in as a silent thank you.

He watched in amazement as Jesse opened everything effortlessly. He might have been able to do it, but he wasn't sure And if he could, he could not do it as easily as she did.

What was down there anyway? They had nothing of his and probably nothing of Jesse's. Unless...unless there was stuff from the theatre?

With a sigh Nicolas shook his head. No, nothing from his creation. That damned Louis burnt it to the ground.
Jesse shut her eyes a second when Nicki kissed her neck. She turned to him and silently said, "don't be so sure."

She was talking about the theater. She'd read Nicki's mind, and veiled her own thoughts. Nicki wasn't doing such a bad job, but something had distracted him, the kiss, maybe.

Tilting her head, Jesse went through the door into the vault, holding Nicki's hand firmly but gently at the same time.

And there she stood, shelves and shelves waiting before her, a large, room-sized safe in the back (she knew it was there; she couldn't see over the shelves). A warehouse of information.

She turned to Nicki, smiling slightly. What would you like to see?
Nicolas was distracted. They were pressing in against him again, but it was tamer this time, as if they were afraid of Jesse. Rightfully so. He'd be petrified if he were a mortal and Jesse threatened him.

He raised his eyebrow. "To my understanding, there was nothing left of that place. At all. Scorched to the ground, right?"

His face hardened as he shook his head. There couldn't be anything there. There just couldn't be. And if there were, they were just belongings to vampires that he didn't even know.

"Hmm...what's most interesting?"
Jesse nodded her head toward the back part of the room.

Most interesting... to Nicki or to her? Didn't matter. Really anything she'd show him would have to do with vampires on the whole, and it didn't matter which vampires.

She pulled open a filing cabinet, hoping it was the right one. It was. Out came a file a few inches thick, labelled "Theatre of the Vampires, Paris."

Jesse'd seen it scores of times, and she held it out to Nicki now, looking him in the eye.

Try that for a start, while I look around.

She knew that there were THINGS here to do with the theatre, 'artifacts,' the Talamasca would call them, and wondered if there were any of her things here...
Nicolas bit his bottom lip and shook his head. He took the folder from Jesse and leaned against the wall. He assumed that the members of the Talamasca were not neurotic enough to scrap the wall that he leaned against. Besides, who cared? It was just a shirt.

He was thinking of that to distract himself and he knew it. He wanted to look at the folder but he was scared. What exactly could they say? Then again, it could have a lot of information. They were not very discreet at the theatre.

Slowly, he opened the folder and began to read it, a small smile on his face. So far, all was true.
Anything interesting in there?

Jesse was opposite Nicki, a tall shelf between them. She could feel that the telepaths had backed off. Her eyes were scanning rows of vampire artifacts.

She smiled as she saw a postcard from Maharet to her, lying on top of a painting that she was sure Marius had done. And amid rows and rows of unidentifiable treasures having to do with vampires, Jesse saw something unmistakeable. She gasped, audibly, holding the postcard to her chest, looking through the slats in the shelf for Nicki's eyes.

"I think... I think you'd better come here," she said aloud, not caring any longer what the damn Talamasca heard or thought of the two of them being in here.
Nicolas shrugged and balanced the folder in his arms.

"My idea, Armand gets the credit. Same old thing," he said emotionlessly. It wasn't that he was going for the apathetic approach again, because he knew that he couldn't. Jesse knew him much too well for that. He just honestly didn't care about it. He hated the theatre anyway.

He heard her gasp and heard her voice, not in his head, but out loud. Well, now that he thought about it, the Talamascans had stopped prying...

"Yes?" he asked as he walked toward her. He stood next to her and leaned over to see what had shocked her.