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It wasn't the fact that I couldn't stand hearing and dealing with Marious abundance of self-righteousness, I purely despised being treated like an underling. The amount of times he thought the worse of my words, twisting them around to make me sound selfish and conceited sure I am at times guilty as charged. When my genuine words are thrown back at me wrongfully translated as insincere, that's when I lose my tolerance of another's manner. The two of them were together, and together is how they would remain without me of course and I was hardly distressed about that, I was always happy with myself until I really craved the attention and company of others around me.

I had enough of these long journeys to find a presence that was now revealed to be alive, one to which half of me wished to find yet the other was trying to ignore. The streets that were around me were slumbering, peaceful and serene its atmosphere had an effect of tranquility upon me as I walked onwards and away from its depths. The local was now in my wake, a perfect opportunity to take flight and return home which was ever so calling to me. The thin grace of the air was circulating around me, embracing my frame in its delicate invisible warmth. The urge to be mischievous whilst flying was always in mind, to sit atop the wing of a 747 and wave to the passengers before disappearing as they look back, making sure they were not seeing things. Or simply testing my unearthly powers by speeding so quick to cause sonic booms bellowing in the sky.

I always was a roguish individual that term brat is more and more suiting I have to admit. The time for aerobatic frolicking was over, and with the speed I was traveling Louisiana was in my site, rolling its bright-lit body over the dawning horizon. The morning sun was upon me, chasing me with its tendrils of light it made me feel important that's its almightiness was the one presence that could dispatch me into nothingness. It wasn't long till I was safely in the confines of Rue Royal, her bowels empty of company as I suspected she would be. Discarding my blazer unto the antique coat rack, I could manage nothing but sigh and slump onto a nearby chair letting the day drift me to sleep falling into the realm of dreams.

There I was one of many of the audience beholding the dramatic spectacle of the Theater of the Vampires. The actors of vampires playing their roles captivating and tricking the audience, leaving them at awe completely spellbound. The shadowy figure of Nicolas I could perceive peeking out from behind the curtain, insanely satisfied with his nights creation. It came to the time where the victim was presented, to be devoured as a much-needed fount of life, to the thirsted coven. The mood and atmosphere of the theater, was consuming to my senses, I was aware that this was a dream but it felt more of a reality, a true physicality. As the curtains closed and the actors took there final bow I found my self-giving an energetic standing ovation screaming for countless encores.

I had never been that excited or impressed with the theater when I witnessed its birth, so why now in this dream was I so proud to partake in all it had to give. It occurred to me that in his time, his dark prime if you will this was Nicki's domain the chalice he poured and gave his whole being to, without it's existence he would have surely been driven more mad than he already was. The thought of myself accepting his life after so long gave me conflicting thoughts, I wasn't sure weather to welcome him with open arms treating our past as water under the bridge, or ignore him being after all this time his feelings were still set his brooding never ceased that he never once tried to make contact with me.

It was possibly time that I made the instigation, maybe what he needed was to be lured away from his solitude. Since the blood we shared made mental communication impossible, and the ones that could make that connection I wished to be free from, I needed a grander spectacle to get his attention. I knew right away what needed to be done, and the mere thought made be delirious with the possibility. Calls had to be made, funds had to be transferred and old deeds had to be found, I was relieved I still kept old records of my properties and estates. The time had now come for the rebirth of the past, the proverbial phoenix of what had been.

The ideas were running freely and quickly in my mind, to bring such a landmark back from its ashes would be inconceivable to some, but to me? Never just another sign of the lengths I would go to get my name once again in lights. It wasn’t so much to have and to be a legend it was to make the world know and see just who that legend was. In all my rampant thoughts self-indulgent arrogance I had quelled the urge to feed, something I just realized I was much needing. As they say one thinks better on a full stomach, does one not? I decided to leave the premises and indulge myself in a much needed and deserved meal.
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