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Nicolas took Jesse’s hands and let her pull him up to his feet. The bottom half of his, which wasn’t buttoned, flew back with the sudden movement. He finished buttoning the shirt, watching the some of the crowd mingle, and others leave. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and shook his head.

“I could never imagine playing in front of so many people,” Nicolas said lowly and shook his head again. He had a sense of amazement on his face and his eyes clouded over and he had an almost melancholic look in his eyes. No doubt he was feeling nostalgic.

He turned to Jesse and smiled softly. “I have something to ask of you. It may be out of line, but I know I can’t do it myself,” he said simply.
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Jesse held Nicki's hands, eyebrow raised, the crowd filtering around both of them, as if they were the only people in focus in a blurred picture.

Nicki's smile made her feel like agreeing to anything, no matter how odd the request. And she was pretty sure he knew that. Damn it.

"What is it?" she asked him.
"I want us to go to Europe," he said simply. He smiled and placed his finger to her lips before she could say anything.

"I know you've been to Europe. But you've never seen Europe like I have. I could show you so many things there," he whispered. Again his eyes misted over and he looked nostalgic. He shook his head and smiled slightly. He wasn't used to showing so many emotions in such a short span of time.
Jesse almost melted when Nicki put his finger to her lips. Such a simple gesture, but so beautiful. A woman passing by smiled at Jesse and nudged her friend to look at her and Nicki.

Jesse's eyes darted back to him. "Anywhere specific in Europe?"

I wasn't going to protest. I'd love to. I live for stuff like this.
Nicki's eyes followed Jesse's and landed on the two friends. He didn't smile, but his face softened as if he was pleased. He turned back to Jesse, his head tilting a little to the side. A little gesture that he did when he was in a good mood, but of course Lestat left that out.

"London? I know you've been there countless times before, but I love France and London. I want to save France for later. Save the best for last," he said, his eyes sparkling.
Jesse smirked. "London it is, then."

And this time, I don't need a goddamn passport.

She took Nicki's hand and walked with the mortal crowd a bit. They'd have to get away from these people before 'taking off.' If they didn't... Jesse could see the headlines now. COUPLE FLIES AWAY AFTER AEROSMITH CONCERT. ECSTACY IN THE WATER?
Nicolas subconsciously swung Jesse's hand as they walked. He couldn't keep his eyes off of everyone. It seemed like everyone had a purpose. People were clearing off the stage, others collected in groups on the grass talking excitedly about what just happened, others drank or smoked.

All those people watching one band play. He felt like no one could understand it because no one loved music as much as he did. He could try to explain it to Jesse, but what would be the use? She wouldn't understand and Nicolas didn't blame her.

He had only played in small crowds, compared to this.

If I had a chance to play in front of this many people, surely I would have wept from pure happiness," he thought. He was so focused on watching everyone else that he hardly noticed that he didn't veil his thoughts.
Jesse smiled at Nicki. He was absolutely enthralled.

I think you'd have been ecstatic, she said to him, in response to his rampantly happy thoughts.

Jesse watched the crowd with the eyes of a woman, not a vampire. She could remember going to concerts as a mortal, tailgaiting, smoking sitting on the lawn... and breaking her neck...

A chill ran through her, vibrating down her spine.
Nicolas jumped slightly and turned to look at Jesse when she spoke in his head. It was then he realized that she heard what he said. He blushed slightly for a moment, but then he looked away.

Well I'll never know. I started too late and my life ended too soon."

He wanted to sigh, but he didn't. He looked around, watching everyone. What if he did die? Would he have been reincarnated and come back as a musician? Probably not. His father threatened to break his hands and then years later his hands were cut off. Perhaps some things were just not meant to be.

It's okay, Nicki. You could say the same about me.

The crowd was moving out into a big parking lot, with dying embers of tailgait fires and men selling cheap concert shirts. Jesse hopping gracefully over the fence of the lot, and looked back at Nicki to follow.
We're just the lucky ones, aren't we?

He looked back once, just to watch the crowd, before easily hopping over the fence. What little blood Jesse gave him had help tremendously.
Jesse watched Nicki jump, impressed that her blood had made things that much easier for him. She was so tempted... she knew she could easily make him strong enough to really be Lestat's rival, just by giving him some more...

She veiled that thought with all her strength, and reached for Nicki's hand again.

"Going up?" She smiled up at him, her fangs glinting in the low light.
Nicolas leaned away from her and looked at her innocently. It wasn't that he was afraid of flying. Well, he was, but he hated the fact they were able to defy the laws of gravity. Ah, oh well. A vampire has to do what a vampire has to go.

He grabbed his arms around Jesse's waist and pressed himself against her.

"Going up," he whispered.
Jesse hardly even heard him whisper. The second he touched her, held her to him, she took off.

London was a longer way, but it still didn't take them that long. Jesse was more than tempted to land on the lawn of the Talamasca motherhouse, but instead she chose a little side street with no Underground stations.

She set them down gently, noticing that the street was cobblestone. London. Again.

In a way, everything had started for her here. The Talamasca had started for her here.

Jesse let go of Nicki and sighed deeply. Back again.
Nicolas found he wasn't as disoriented when they landed as he used to be. He hadn't thought he had taken that much blood.

Europe. Home. He loved the whole continent. Everything seemed different. Lighter, more friendly. He wasn't against America, but he didn't particularly like it.

"Beautiful," he whispered
Jesse looked over her shoulder at Nicki, raising her eyebrow, red hair cascading over her neck.

She offered him a weak smile.

"So," she began, voice faltering a bit, as if it were weak, too. "Show me around."
Nicolas looked down at himself. He was covered in grass stains and dirt. Jesse looked weak or tired.

"Why don't we head back to my flat real quick? I could use a change of clothes," he said. And hopefully while he was changing, Jesse rested. Going from California to London, after giving him some of her blood could not have been good for her.
Jesse nodded, silently, eyes still sparkling despite the weakness the rest of her felt.

"I didn't know you had a place here," Jesse said.

Were you here, all those years ago, when I was seeing ghosts in Chelsea?
Nicolas gave a small shrug and squeezed her hand a little before walking down the street hand-in-hand.

"I have little places all over Europe. Nothing big and extravagant like some other vampires, but enough to hold me," he explained.

" I have no idea. Somewhere else, maybe? I don't stay in one place too long. It's easier to get caught that way"
Jesse smiled thinly. like some other vampires. She almost laughed out loud.

Staying in one spot seemed to work for Maharet well enough. She shrugged, holding Nicki's hand gently, suddenly aware, despite how weak she felt, of her strength in comparison to his. Jesse could hurt him if she wasn't careful.

They walked down the street, and Jesse couldn't help but wonder something....

how many times when I was alive did I pass you in one of these streets and not even look up?
Oh, probably countless times. I am so careless. I'm surprised you or someone else never caught me.

He walked silently until they reached a small house. He hopped over the fence and casually walked through the thick grass of the backyard.

"Not my house," he said with a small laugh. "The owners must hate me for trampling on their yard, but it's so much faster," he explained as he hopped over another fence.

After walking for several minutes at a brisk pace, they finally reached a small, secluded house. It was two stories and white, nothing significant about it at all.

Nicolas walked up the steps and opened the door.

"After you," he said and held it open for her.
Jesse smiled, slightly.

She was tired. Giving Nicki blood and flying all over had taken its toll.

"Thank you," she said, giving him a little kiss on the cheek, shutting her eyes.

Jesse stepped inside.
Nicolas stepped into the house and lightly grabbed Jesse's arm. It didn't matter, though. He could use his full strength and she probably wouldn't even wince.

"Do you need to feed?" he asked, his eyes wide. "You can go ahead and do it. I'll come if you want. Or you can rest," he said and looked at the parlour. Through all the clutter, countless violins, a television set on a huge entertainment center with a top of the line stereo system, countless books, and clothes everywhere, there was a comfortable looking cream colored couch.
Jesse smirked. "Maid's day off?"

She flopped unceremoniously onto the couch. Feed? Maybe later. For now... she just wanted to be... still.

Jesse had moved through time zones faster than a speeding bullet and with less super power, it seemed. She was tired, in the most mortal sense of the word.

She scanned the room with quick green eyes. So many violins. And she wasn't surprised, not even by the huge stereo.

Nicolas smirked and rolled his eyes.

"I am the messiest one you will ever meet," he said and kicked a shirt that was near him. When the hell was the last time he wore that? Hell, he didn't even remember buying it.

"Make yourself at home while I go change," Nicki said and jogged up the stairs, which were also cluttered.
Jesse shut her eyes, leaning back and crossing her long legs. She swore at herself for wearing a dress.

I hope I at least looked nice before rolling around on the ground.

She smiled again, realizing that Nicki still made noise travelling up the stairs. Did she make any noise when she moved anymore?


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