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Late sleeper

Pandora awoke alone, and knew that she had overslept. The pain she had drifted of to sleep in had dissipated with the extra rest, and her skin was left a faint bronze. It made her chuckle, her first burn from the sun and she barely had a tan. Wrapping Marius’ cloak around her she crawled out of the shelter of Lestat’s old castle and traveled to the town proper.

Her first intention had been to seek out Marius and Lestat. Marius at least would be in the area, or he wouldn’t have left his cloak. If he returned to the castle looking for her, he would know since she had taken the cloak that she was also still in the area. Paris distracted her though. Locking herself within a public toilet she pulled the roses and ribbons from her strangled hair and washed away what blood she could from Lestat’s tears. She still looked horrible, a wild thing with crinkled clothes, but she was presentable enough to walk the streets at a mortals pace.

Somehow she found herself inside on of the many stores: going through a rack of dresses with a sales lady hovering over her, wanting her to try this specific dress because it would just be perfect for her. The attention was unneeded, but in the end Pandora was glad that she had not sent her away. The dress was made from layers of pure cotton revealed the color of the skin beneath it without being truly see through. The hem fell high on her thigh and the fake corset laced top was sleevless, Marius’ cloak looked fabulous over it. She hadn’t expected to shop and therefore had no money but with a little mental persuasion she left the store with already wearing the dress, her hair brushed smooth.

Feeling much better, she opened her mind in search of Lestat… hoping Marius was with him. Please tell me Lestat, that you haven’t left me in this foreign city to search for a fledgling that may want to remain dead alone.
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that wasn’t my intention, my goal was to seek some slight nostalgia but your maker followed me like a worried and attentive cat, and I do love him for it don’t get me wrong ” I sent her back still waiting Marious’s reply. “fear not, we or at least he will be back to take you in arm
Oh Lestat, you would be lost without attention. Marius left me his cloak, in his attentive manner so that I would not fear being left alone. It is your flighty nature I am concerned for. From Lestat’s mind she gleamed his location as well as Marius’ presence. Join me at a café, so we may all talk? Please, I’m afraid I have just cleaned myself up and I would rather not wander into that hole in the ground.

Picking an outside café Pandora sent Lestat an image of where she waited and ordering a coffee. Again she forgot that she hadn’t brought any money with her, but this time she thought to check the pockets in Marius’ cloak knowing that he would be better prepared. In the inside pocket she found what she was looking for, the paper bills tangled in a delicate necklace chain.

Working with care to separate the necklace from the money with speed, Pandora paid her waiter and studied the necklace she had uncovered. She recognized it as a gift Marius had given her on Night Island, after Akasha’s death. He had given her so much then, trying to get her to snap out of it and when she finally did she come back to reality she had left all those things behind. It touched her that he had not. Slipping the necklace around her neck, she cradled the coffee with both hands.
Marius ignored Lestat, and if he followed he did, if not at least he would have Pandora in the end. He picked her up in a mortal's mind and laughed. In the window he saw her sitting alone and he walked inside and grabbed her hand, and bowed down and kissed it, "What is a beautiful woman like yourself doing sitting alone, when anyone could walk up to you and do as I have done?" He smiled and sat across from her holding her hands and looking at her, "The cloak looks by far better on you then on myself, so if your wish is to keep it you may do so my love. I am sorry I was slow in getting to you, but Lestat likes to ramble on and on about the same things when I have answered him already, it is the concept of listening he has not mastered yet." He laughed and ordered a coffee to warm his hands, "You do look beyond any words I could ever think or know to say."
He made her beam under his praise for she had dressed with him in mind. Cradling his hands with her own she stared at how much darker she was now compared to him, though to a mortal her tan wouldn’t be that impressive. “I am sorry I did not come to join you, I asked Lestat to bring you here so that I would not dirty my new dress and he did not tell me it would be a problem.” She kissed his hand, “Is Lestat any better tonight?”

Smiling her fingers ran over the fabric of his cloak. “Well,” She batted her eyelashes slightly, “If we are going to be flying I will need the extra warmth, but I could not leave you without your favorite cloak permanently.” She remembered the necklace she found then and her hands automatically went to her throat. Pandora didn’t know what she should say about it, words could not describe the depth the discovery had touched her.
"I see you have dug through my pockets, and that necklace makes your neck ever more enticing and in dire need of a good biting." He smirked, "No it is not my favorite cloak love, it is now my favorite cloak of your's." He kissed her each of her fingers, "Lestat seems to be doing better, but he still needs to find Nicholas, and we can help him by trying to meet up with Jesse or if we see him first. I have said you are coming with us, and well," He placed her right pointer finger in his mouth pricking it with one of his fangs, then sucking the blood, "I will not except no for an answer my sweet."

If she could have blushed for him, she would have instead she only smiled coyly, “Then this is my new favorite cloak and I will wear it always.” Looking down at the necklace, “I had no money for my coffee, and you are always more thoughtful than I.” She looked into his eyes again then, hoping he understood her words spoke to the deeper things as well as the small.

A playful smile on her lips she watched him kiss her fingers, hunger growing behind her golden eyes. The prick of his fang made her shiver and she pressed up forcing more blood into his mouth. “Why would I say no to such a tempting offer, did you think you could leave without me?” Leaning forward slightly she whispered under the range of mortal hearing, “I believe that you are in dire need of a good biting.” Her eyes sparkled with a mischievous gleam and she pricked her finger more gently, teasing him with only drops of blood.
"I know I cannot live without you," He licked the wound then placed her hands on the table, and spoke in the same tone and volume she had, "I know that I am in dire need of a good biting, and where I not such a polite being I would get this tension between us over right now." He gave her the look of a devil.
She purred deep in her throat, the sound inaudible to all but him. “I know I cannot live without you.” With her knuckles, she brushed his cheek. There were too many people around them and suddenly she was uncomfortable with it. So far Marius and she had not enjoyed much time alone. She wanted nothing more than to curl up next to him, enjoy his company and instead they needed to aid Lestat.

“I know that I cannot survive this teasing torture,” Again the words were beyond normal hearing. Taking hold of his hand, she kissed each finger as he had done to her, just barely keeping her behavior appropriate for such a public place.
I held back my approach seeing marius, roll his eyes at me and head directly to his one true love, I didn’t blame him I merely stopped in my tracks and waited out their moment of romance, the two of then together seemed to imply that they were the only two people in love, possibly sharing the one heart, so it would imply from the over abundance of affection. I really could learn more than I was willing from Marius and Pandora, but I was hardly a pliable student to be molded and formed into the perfect educated vampire that I already was, besides I am my own student and forever would that remain to be. If it was lessons in love they were willing to share with me, using every ounce of patience and tolerance towards my unrelenting questioning tongue. I smiled and walked towards them with a gentle pace, before sitting opposite them keeping my opinions and words to myself. “So what’s it like? ..That almost unintentional selfish feeling that makes a person to extract and dismiss everything else in the world to feel as if they are they only people in love…”
"Selfish? Hardly Lestat, that is your forte not mine. As for feeling we are the only two in the world I am aware we are not. I am helping you find Nicholas, as is Pandora, though we would both rather be together instead and leave you to mend your own life." Marius stared at him, "Let me tell you something Lestat, never once have I been selfish, my affectionate ways with Pandora should not leave you to feel such. I have not seen her in years and I have just recently been reunited with her when you felt the need to go off with her under your own terms without leaving me a note saying such." He stood up, "Trust me if I was overly affectionate with her kissing her hands and fingers would not have been my course of action. No you will respect me enough to not make Pandora feel ashamed and embarrassed or I will not go with you and you may find Jesse and Nicholas on your own terms and then you may freely call me selfish. Though if I had not wanted you to find us you would not be speaking to us now."
I growled under my breath as if instinctual, exasperated by Marius’s habit of misconstruing my words and feelings, he did it so much it seemed to be intentional. With a shake of my head and an apologetic glance to Pandora I stood spun and pushed in my chair and left them to themselves. I feel no need to apologize as I leave you two in the peace you so crave to be in, I can deal with my own problems even if I put myself in more difficulty it ‘s certainly better than putting up with your temperament I never had put myself in a situation where I was being blatantly disrespectful to the Vampire that was more a sire than my own maker, but he was treating me like the spoilt ill educated fledgling vampire I certainly was not. My hands found there way inside my pockets as I walked slowly away, leaving nothing but my words still ringing in their thoughts.
Then my best wishes to you Lestat if that is your desire, to leave us. You know how to reach me if I am needed. Marius then sat down and rubbed his forehead, "Well Pandora, looks like it just me and you for the time being." He then grabbed her hand and squeezed it.
Pandora watched the interaction between Marius and Lestat, her manner composed, even though the suggestion that they were the selfish ones was outrageous. It was she that had to reason with Lestat and promise to spend the day with him before he would even allow Marius to know where they were.

She kept this to herself, her mind sealed against Lestat who thus far had shown no appreciation for the help he had received. She did not know Lestat well. What she did know relied heavily on the books she had read and their only other meeting, but he’s words had the tinge of jealousy. The vampire Lestat found himself in trouble once again and of course, the entire vampire community should drop everything to aid him and keep his feelings above all others. Pandora was not impressed and thus she said nothing as Lestat departed. Saying anything risked a loss of her temper.

Returning the gentle squeeze to Marius’ hand, she smiled softly, hoping that Marius was not too distressed by the words and actions of the one he had taken under his wing. “It is not necessarily a bad thing, it just being you and I.” Uncertain how Marius felt with Lestat’s actions she added, “What would you like to do, my love?”
"I would like to do whatever it is you would like to do. For one moment in time I would like to not think. Be a slave as it were." He smiled, and still held her hand and placed his right hand under his chin and looked out the window, staring at those that walked by.
Even though Pandora could not read his mind, the words that Marius spoke and his manner upset her, only because she felt he was pained. Lifting his hand to her lips she kissed the back of his palm. She understood very well the need not to think. There was a long period of time where Pandora had traveled with only that single need. It worried her to see the desire in Marius, but if that was what he wanted it was the least she could do. “Alright my love, lets leave this place then.” She rose still holding his hand and awaited him.
He smiled at her, and squeezed her hand, "Yes lets, where shall we go? Shall we start from scratch and build a new house or buy a new one, or shall we go to my island home?" He looked out the window, "We shall do whatever your heart desires."