Jesse Reeves (talamascanjesse) wrote in desvampires,
Jesse Reeves

A trip to LA/ just push play

As soon as Nicki said his tentative yes, Jesse silently said, Good. Then come with me.

When he stood up, she put her arm around his waist again, and willed them upward. Toward L.A.

As they moved through the air, Jesse again spoke to Nicki silently. Believe me, you'll like where we are going. Never been to L.A., have you?

She was having way too much fun with this.

But soon enough, Jesse reached where she wanted to be: a medium sized stadium, already full and waiting for something. A concert, but she was sure Nicki wouldn't know that.

Jesse set them down on the roof of the huilding, so that they were perched high above the crowd that was chanting and waiting for the main act to come out. She sat down, fixing her hair and her green dress, legs dangling over the side of the impossibly high spot she'd chosen, down into the stadium itself. But there was a perfect view of the stage.

Jesse looked at Nicki, who was stunned, disheveled, and looked mostly like he'd like to kill her. She just grinned at him.
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