Jesse Reeves (talamascanjesse) wrote in desvampires,
Jesse Reeves

going out

Jesse managed easily, after that, to pull Nicki up, off the bed, and out the door. She really was not one for shopping; she hadn't lied. But wearing the same clothes for as long as she had, Jesse felt forced.

They went to a trendy store, a little shop nearby in one of the towns closest to Maharet's home. Jesse'd gotten herself a dress, feeling like she should for some reason dress nicely, instead of running around the world in jeans, at least for tonight. It was green and short, and it showed off her eyes, legs and hair, making it seem even redder and more vibrant than usual.

Jesse managed to get Nicki into some new clothes, too, which he had chosen himself, grudgingly.

After that, once they'd both changed and Jesse had gaped at how gorgeous Nicki looked all cleaned up, she knew he'd have to feed.

"I can go with you, if you like," Jesse offered, though she didn't intend on feeding again herself so soon. "And then you'll have to let me know where you'd like to go."

She smiled at him, warmly.

I am in so much trouble, she thought.
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