Nicolas de Lenfent (_lenfent_) wrote in desvampires,
Nicolas de Lenfent

Hotel Room

Nicolas stood outside the door and fought with the card key for a few moment. He had Jesse leaned against the wall but his leg was in front of her, holding her up in case she fell again. Finally, he got the card key to work and swung open the door, cursing technology. He placed his arms around Jesse’s waist once more and led her into the hotel room. He was surprised that even with her immense and almost frightening strength, she was still light and feminine.

He kicked the door shut behind him, tossed the card key somewhere and flicked on the lights. He gently guided Jesse over to the bed and sat her down on it. Falling down on his knees, he untied Jesse’s sneakers and slid them off of her. He placed them carefully next to the bed so that when she woke up, she would see them.

Nicki pulled down the covers halfway, picked Jesse up, once more amazed at how light she was, and placed her on the bed, drawing the covers up under her chin.

“I’m going now, so you can rest,” he said to her and smoothed her flaming red hair back from her forehead that was colored with the blood from earlier. “Thank you,” he said as he stood up and started for the door.
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