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Les Innocents

Dank breeze entered the coffin as Pandora, left me evidently hearing Marius’s entrance, being he was the only one in the knowledge of our whereabouts. I knew she would go to him, that was why I invited him here a gesture of warmth and one to show him we were not running away together, and a notion to show him that I was sorry and regretful that I leave in her company without a single word to him as to why. It was plain and without need of assumption that she would climb in with him, leaving me alone with my contemplations, that’s most doubt what I needed to be alone for once I needed just myself in these times of trial.

My thoughts were rampant uncontrollable and plain erratic, as the slumber once again for the countless day swept me into its protective embrace. Images of Nicki come and went; tones and volumes of his voice deafened my brain, it was all too much to take in, and most of all believe that he could be alive, but why of all people would Marius lie to me? I didn’t wish to fully accept the pure chance until I laid eyes upon him myself, until he was in MY presence. These endless ponderings went on and stabbed me with their realism; it was as if my own body and soul (if I still retained one) were trying to convince my mind and stubbornness that he was in fact still here.

My thoughts always did send and sway away the paralytic effect of the day, quicker than anything else could I just wished that the thoughts were more pleasant and positive. I awoke, as planed sooner and earlier than the two bunking together, as I presumed I needed to resume my nostalgic retracing, alone. I threw off the coffin lid and exited with a sigh of displeasure, presuming the two of them will be angry at my sudden vanishing act, that I was about to perform.

Lucky for them I had a pen in my pocket (and no not for the possibility of hungering autograph hunters) if it wasn’t for that I would be on my hands and knees scavenging for a quill. Finding a slab of material to note upon, I scribbled the following.

I leave you now, to be alone if you combined your wealth of knowledge you could find me, but I at least ask you for a head start. I need reflection that only a trip down memory lane can provide. Marius my words I know have hurt and wronged you, disrespectful and discourteous, you will have my sincerest of apologies on that of a bended knee when I return, but for now I say adieu.

With All love

With that I left, leaving my note where they would sure to find it. I was out and flying back to the now populated nightlife of Paris, starting from the proverbial beginning. Before I could miss something with unneeded haste, I resorted to merely walk to where I was intending to visit. The Hotel, where I and he spent our nights, debating on all things unseen and unfaithful. It had been so long I wouldn’t dare presume if it was still standing; it was a ramshackled desolate building even back then, so if it even stood now it would be doomed for demolition.

I walked and entered the region, sauntered down the crackling paved path, waiting to see if it was still with us. As I expected another edifice stood in its place, surrounded by the concrete eyesore of public parking. Well least this cuts down my hunt, and remembrance of the past. There was only one place left to re-examine. Les Innocents, wasn’t to far away from the hotel, and as I walked I remembered the time where I would frequent the locals as on my mothers advice, as to seek those who could read and write so I could dictate letters to send to her.

The foundations of the ancient cemetery were as old as the headstones that littered and morbidly decorated the surroundings, ever fragment with the stench of death. The etchings I could see were faded to the eye void of any sign that a person was buried many feet below the infested dirt. I kept on walking through the mass of granite, stone and intimidating makeshift crucifix’s as if their mere religious icon was a ward to any evil, such as me.

The catacombs far beneath my feet was were I was heading towards, I doubt such a historical place such as that would have been touched by the damaging hand of the Paris council, where art and heritage ruled all. I expected or more presumed that the only ones daring enough to set foot in the depths were grave robbers, those who thought the benefits would be well worth the risk of intrusion but possibly finding the remnants of the vampire clam that tore them limb from limb. What would I find? The same possably..well there was only one way to find out.

The entrance was how I remembered it, under the weight of a thick slab of stone, to huge and strenuous for any mortal’s effort but effortless for my strength. I walked down slowly piercing the darkness with my vampirc vision, step by step made my anxiety beat faster as I penetrated the darkness. I had no idea what I was walking into; really my overflowing arrogance seemed to denote my common sense. My feel laid flat, my eyes still shedding light upon the darkness that the room was drowning in, saw the room, at first impression looked untouched but impressions can be deceiving, I wasn’t alone.

Four, no five vampires were here with me, glaring and hissing that I was invading there privacy. Now THIS brought back memories.

was I supposed to knock first?i guess I know how you feel if I were you I would hate to be bothered in such a intrusive way as this, but I do as I please simple as that really” I spoke of, taking a seat on one of the only remaining seats after spinning it around to sit on it, my arms resting across the back that was facing me.

“Brat….” they hissed, with an audible French dialect.

I commend your perception, although your predictable garments leave nothing to the imagination.. I replied wincing seeing there skinny pale bodies hanging underneath the torn, faded robes they were wrapped in.

Before I knew it or really bothered to detect, they were upon me in a savage rush, ready to rip me to shreds, their sharp long nails at there disposal. It didn’t really matter to me of there age, they could be as old as the original coven that dwelled here, or merely copycats giving birth to the old believes and philosophies, of the children of darkness.
I didn’t even need to stand to ward of these fools, just a stroke a wave of my hand sent them flying across to make a stern life ending impact against the wall. So it wasn’t long till I was surrounded by not only the darkness by the plentiful strewns of corpses laid one atop the other, dead under there own roof. I looked at over to my side seeing the makeshift cages that once housed the newly turned Vampires, to whom were imbedded in the dirt to test their new found strength, to survive.

The day of his rescue sprung to mind, where myself and Gabriele risked it all to get him back, easier than we expected it would be, but it happened right here, in this one spot. They were angry, merciless and plain stuck in the ignorance of there ways, showing what they were capable of, as pitiful as their ways were. I sat sighed closed my eyes, knowing Marius and Pandora were awake and realizing where I was, it was time to learn the truth straight from the mind and trust of Marius himself, I was ready for it I was now welcoming it….
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