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Daniel [27 Feb 2005|07:25pm]

I've joined this community but I have yet to post anything. I guess I joined because I was feeling lonely and was wishing to jump back into the social circle but I'm afraid I have nothing much to offer right now but a few sad and depressing posts. That being said I just want to let it be known that the Daniel I speak of is not the Daniel from this community but a very special mortal lover of mine. I've posted this on my private journal as well, so hope you don't mind.

I had a moment of weakness last night. As we both sat, side by side, under the moon my first reaction when he kissed me was shock. I didn't know what to think or even if I should be thinking actually because it felt and tasted so good! The sensation was so magical, so envigorating that I think I forgot how to think at all. And even though I probably sat there like a damn fool with my mouth just slightly open, hardly breathing at all at first, I finally came to my senses and something made me kiss him back.

It's never been easy for me to resist him. His scent, his hair the way it glistens like gold under the moon, even his eyes as ice blue as they are seem warm and inviting to me.

"I'm weak." I said. He answered, "Me too." And then we kissed some more. It was the sweetest most electrying kiss that brought me back to the days when I had first met him. The days when every kiss gave me chills and left me breathless.

He told me he didn't want me to stop living my life waiting for him. That he was going to get his life together with hopes of correcting our circumstances but I'm not sure that after that kiss I'm going to be able to look another man in the face and not compare him to Daniel. Not pick apart his faults in order to reduce him to someone not "worth my time". I've never felt love like this before. It's horrible though that often times with love, a great deal of pain has to accompany it.

I had been living like a ghost all the time he was gone. I had blocked him out of my mind for so long because I don't think I was ready to accept the fact that we had actually broken up. But now that we have seen each other, I have seen into his eyes, his aching soul I lie weak in his presence. All these emotions are coming to the surface and I can't stop them. I cannot be strong and say "Well we shouldn't be together" because it just feels wrong to lie like that. So wrong to lie to myself.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to us, for right now, I'm happy with just being in limbo.
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contemplations [19 Oct 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I was furious, restless at the nerve of that elderly fool, thinking he could waltz back into MY life and expect hugs and kisses, talk about the art of thinking to highly of themselves. For countless decades I thought him dead, and now I turn around hearing his whispery toothless voice, filled with empty love obvious affection and deluded intentions. Out of all the times he could have made himself known to me he has to pick now of all times, what is this the years of resurrection Nicki, Magnus. What else is there that will pop up and slap me in the face with surprise. I felt lost as is at there on the curb taking in all these revelations, wondering the whereabouts of Magnus and just what he was up to.

I stood brushed of the shins of my pants, before meeting the bridge of my nose with my fingers in a moment of regaining composure. Before a deep unnecessary inhale, I swept my fingers though my hair and walked back into the apartment dropping myself into the depths of a lounger trying to contemplate my next step..

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[04 Oct 2004|09:44am]

[ mood | numb ]

This was the first night that I had ever walked with such a defeated undertone. Even through the maddest of times, I still kept my head held high as if the pride that I lacked was indeed, still there. After my encounter with Lestat, I felt something inside me stir. It occurred to me that he was right. What made me think that he would welcome me back? My dejection did not hit me until that moment.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I gazed upon the faces scurrying around me, faces that held inner joys that I would never understand. I could never care for another being as long as my egotistical behavior remained inside me. No, it wasn't just my ego, it was something else. Something that, in my earlier years, startled even the bravest of vampires. A sudden rage filled within me. I desired sustenance.

The almost carnal instincts spewed out of me like a fresh wound. I left a trail of carnage of no less than 10 bodies. The blood spatter on the walls invoked my buried urges to reek as much havoc as I could possibly execute. It happened. The madness was back.

And I welcomed it.

If Lestat were to dare seek me out, he would not meet the same being from a mere hour ago. He would find the creature that gave him the dark gift all those years ago.

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[20 Sep 2004|09:40pm]

[ mood | curious ]

The night was refreshing, full of opportunities for a hungry thirsting yet selective Vampire such as myself. I was never one to pick a nobody from the streets, the first knife wielding manic that attempted to stab and rob me, ah I missed those foolish fiends. The days of old where thief's and hooligans were as common as the diseases that kept them active, in pursuit of survival. Times hadn't changed that much, streets were still paved; the homeless still grew as high as the surrounding buildings. The hustle and bustle of this city was consuming and asphyxiating, the pollution was rising as the heat magnified its presence. I suppose all cities are alike in the swarms of hasting people in their expensive financed vehicles, trying to get to where they wish to be, home, work or simply a local drinking hole to dilute the memories of the day away.

It wasn't that uncommon to still see people rummaging down the streets, the ones with places to go and the others whom were plain goalless. Watching them walk with reckless abandonment across the road, throwing caution narrowly missing the oncoming traffic. Here's me thinking I was fearless, but I had a reason to be, I was me, who were they to have such Gaul and disregard for there own mortality? They had something to lose where I on the other hand had nothing whatsoever, well possibly my dignity. Wouldn't it be rather embarrassing for the Vampire Lestat to be knocked down by a speeding pinto? You would think something like that would knock me down a few pegs, but no I would merely stand brush myself off, wink at the driver and walk onwards. Dismissing the unending fount of my mind I continued onwards approaching a cross walk, standing in the middle of a group of night time delinquents and a middle aged man looking as if he was about to commit suicide where he stood.

The red neon visage of the stopped man on the lights across from me was irritatingly flashing, halting my determination of the night. I gave a quick confident shrug and walked across the road not looking as the unrelenting traffic speed towards me, my pace was slow soaking up all the attention I could muster from all those accurately calling me a lunatic. I swung my head up to the sky sweeping my hair away from my face, closing my eyes momentarily as I stood in the middle of the road. In my ear I could hear the screeching of tires, skidding and speeding towards me, looking to my side I perceived one of those red eurotrash sports cars brought by men going though mid life crisis's, executives or simply men who are over compensating. The car spun and abruptly stopped knocking me to the side causing a large dent to his shiny new imported phallic machine. I was knocked to my backside causing nothing but an amused laugh from my lips, watching the disgruntled 20 something step from the leather clad interior of the vehicle to inspect the damage.

As he stormed over to me I could see a bulbous vein beat from his neck, furious that my body caused that larger evident damage to his beloved car. I sat still on the road brushing the dust of my trousers, looking up seeing him grit his teeth readying himself to assault me with barrage of profanities.

"Don't worry I'm fine, merely a shove that knocked me off my feet no need for concern" I spoke springing back up to my feet pretending to crack my back into place, surprised that it did just that.

"Do I look concerned about you, did you hear me ask how you were. LOOK at my car? Why don't you look where you're going you idiot!" He bellowed at me like I was as unimportant as he was.

Truth be told I loved these confrontations, as little as they happened over the years they were a treat to a mischievous impish Lestat. I smirked at him showing him how little I cared about him and his precious automobile.

"Well normally its polite to ask how the person is whom you just hit with your car" I spoke in a clear obvious mocking tone.

"Why should I ask when I clearly don't care as to your condition" he spat, literally hitting me with a line of saliva.

I closed my eyes and groaned taking a hankerchief from my pocket to wipe my now soiled moist face.

"How charming.." I commented sliding the hankerchief back into my pants. Now this game with one mistake was over. The crowd that I beforehand was within and passed and disbanded leaving the two of us alone in the street.

"Well, are you going to tell me your name so you can pay for the damage?" he blurted still angry and disgruntled towards me.

"If you don't know who I am, then you never will so I wont grace and honor you with that information.." I spoke, preparing to leave the scene tempted to take his life but being a foolish troglodyte was no vampric crime.

As I turned I felt his hand atop my shoulder turning me back around to face him, looking more pissed off and impatient as ever. His eyes widened with fear as before he knew it his arm was turned backwards and he was kneeling before me looking up at me with terror. It was difficult to restrain the urge to control the power in my veins to snap his arm like a twig. I could see my reflection rippling in his eyes and the frightened quiver on his lips.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you sir I'm just in a hurry and that car it still isn't paid for…" he pleaded with me in an attempt for mercy. I let him go seeing him scurry against the open drivers door of the stalled car. I was hoping he was going to try something stupid so my conscious would be clear in taking his life. And as I suspected that's just what he did, quickly taking and branding a pistol directly at me.

I laughed again, it was instinctual knowing just how futile peoples attempts are when assuming they can dispatch me. One shot fired and shot past my head, silenced and muffled by the apparatus at the end of the barrel. His hands were shaking intimidated by my lack of movement in the face of this quote unquote danger. I walked towards him and shoved the door into him, sending him rolling onto his back scuttling like a scared ant. I walked and squatted beside him with a curious look upon my face.

"Now what Monsieur Harry?..and if you were thinking, yes I do indeed feeling lucky" I couldn't resist the line, as corny as it was. This game of cat and mouse was now coming to a close as I pounced upon him digging my teeth into his neck, tearing his flesh feeding my thirst hearing him gasp and go limp in my grip. The projections of his life and past sins were now rampant in my own, the images of his inebriated state snorting his narcotics on a nightly basis to relax his greedy body. Feeding his lust with a harem of prostitutes, paid by financial luck. I drunk him dry quicker than usual, the tone of his life did nothing to savor this meal. Dropping his carcass to the road I inhaled partially satisfied with the night's takings.

His car was still halted and laid fourth across the road, in a very conspicuous and suspicious manner. Rummaging though his pockets I found his keys, so I figured I would take the car of his hands and quickly dispose of it. The only thing left was his body that was strewn across the ground, with mild concentration he erupted into flames dissipating his frame leaving nothing but burnt ashes in its wake. His vehicle was actually surprisingly comfortable to sit in, and the sound of the expensive engine caused a smile on my face as it burst into life.

I had planed to dump the loud and offensive machine into the bayou but something, or more someone quirked my senses like a spark to the brain in a direction I knew all to well, home. I had known, felt been in the presence of this soul before but why would he be inside my residence? I made a quick loud shrieking u turn back towards Rue Royal just to see what was going on and why one as old as he wished to intrude on me. The speed of the car was up to my own wantings as it shoot though the streets guided by my own skill. The car stopped with a halt before the apartment I allowed no time to stop as I jumped out to face what was before me,…

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[13 Sep 2004|08:11pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I walked through the streets of the French Quarter with Khayman looking for a little action. I was attracted to an old mansion but I didn't know why. As I approached the rather large abode I realized what attracted me...this was Lestat's home. I smelled him everywhere. I felt elation as I knew that he would return here and I would see him once again.

I turned to Khayman, "I feel the madness returning and my does it feel superb". I smirked and walked into a run-down sun room and laughed at the irony. Lestat having a sun room...brilliant. I admired his dangerous attitude, something that I myself had possessed back in my day. Through the years, however, I lost a part of what I held dear; my sheer lunacy. I could be completely insane while retaining control. It was beautiful...I made everyone quiver in terror whenever I came close.

I moved closer to Khayman and touched his shoulder. "Let's have ourselves a welcoming home party. I know where I can get some snacks..."

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The Motherhouse [12 Sep 2004|12:15am]

Jesse smiled over her shoulder at Nicki, winked, and grabbed him. It would be easier to fly there. They'd be on the Talamasca's front lawn before Jesse could even say 'Talamasca.'

Arms wound around Nicki, Jesse rose up into the London air, feeling her stomach knot.

Stupid. This is stupid. Nervous for a bunch of scholars that think you're dead? Or is it that you KNOW you shouldn't do this...

Less than five minutes later Jesse's feet hit the great green lawn of the motherhouse, a big structure, a mansion. She saw a light on in what used to be her room and smiled.

"Home," Jesse said, smirking a little evilly.
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Rebirth [08 Sep 2004|09:11pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

It wasn't the fact that I couldn't stand hearing and dealing with Marious abundance of self-righteousness, I purely despised being treated like an underling. The amount of times he thought the worse of my words, twisting them around to make me sound selfish and conceited sure I am at times guilty as charged. When my genuine words are thrown back at me wrongfully translated as insincere, that's when I lose my tolerance of another's manner. The two of them were together, and together is how they would remain without me of course and I was hardly distressed about that, I was always happy with myself until I really craved the attention and company of others around me.

I had enough of these long journeys to find a presence that was now revealed to be alive, one to which half of me wished to find yet the other was trying to ignore. The streets that were around me were slumbering, peaceful and serene its atmosphere had an effect of tranquility upon me as I walked onwards and away from its depths. The local was now in my wake, a perfect opportunity to take flight and return home which was ever so calling to me. The thin grace of the air was circulating around me, embracing my frame in its delicate invisible warmth. The urge to be mischievous whilst flying was always in mind, to sit atop the wing of a 747 and wave to the passengers before disappearing as they look back, making sure they were not seeing things. Or simply testing my unearthly powers by speeding so quick to cause sonic booms bellowing in the sky.

I always was a roguish individual that term brat is more and more suiting I have to admit. The time for aerobatic frolicking was over, and with the speed I was traveling Louisiana was in my site, rolling its bright-lit body over the dawning horizon. The morning sun was upon me, chasing me with its tendrils of light it made me feel important that's its almightiness was the one presence that could dispatch me into nothingness. It wasn't long till I was safely in the confines of Rue Royal, her bowels empty of company as I suspected she would be. Discarding my blazer unto the antique coat rack, I could manage nothing but sigh and slump onto a nearby chair letting the day drift me to sleep falling into the realm of dreams.

There I was one of many of the audience beholding the dramatic spectacle of the Theater of the Vampires. The actors of vampires playing their roles captivating and tricking the audience, leaving them at awe completely spellbound. The shadowy figure of Nicolas I could perceive peeking out from behind the curtain, insanely satisfied with his nights creation. It came to the time where the victim was presented, to be devoured as a much-needed fount of life, to the thirsted coven. The mood and atmosphere of the theater, was consuming to my senses, I was aware that this was a dream but it felt more of a reality, a true physicality. As the curtains closed and the actors took there final bow I found my self-giving an energetic standing ovation screaming for countless encores.

I had never been that excited or impressed with the theater when I witnessed its birth, so why now in this dream was I so proud to partake in all it had to give. It occurred to me that in his time, his dark prime if you will this was Nicki's domain the chalice he poured and gave his whole being to, without it's existence he would have surely been driven more mad than he already was. The thought of myself accepting his life after so long gave me conflicting thoughts, I wasn't sure weather to welcome him with open arms treating our past as water under the bridge, or ignore him being after all this time his feelings were still set his brooding never ceased that he never once tried to make contact with me.

It was possibly time that I made the instigation, maybe what he needed was to be lured away from his solitude. Since the blood we shared made mental communication impossible, and the ones that could make that connection I wished to be free from, I needed a grander spectacle to get his attention. I knew right away what needed to be done, and the mere thought made be delirious with the possibility. Calls had to be made, funds had to be transferred and old deeds had to be found, I was relieved I still kept old records of my properties and estates. The time had now come for the rebirth of the past, the proverbial phoenix of what had been.

The ideas were running freely and quickly in my mind, to bring such a landmark back from its ashes would be inconceivable to some, but to me? Never just another sign of the lengths I would go to get my name once again in lights. It wasn’t so much to have and to be a legend it was to make the world know and see just who that legend was. In all my rampant thoughts self-indulgent arrogance I had quelled the urge to feed, something I just realized I was much needing. As they say one thinks better on a full stomach, does one not? I decided to leave the premises and indulge myself in a much needed and deserved meal.

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[05 Sep 2004|06:27pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I seemed to have come down with a slight case of insomnia the last couple of weeks. Not being able to sleep through the day has yet to take it's toll. Mais pour maintenant moi suis bien.

I intended on looking for him today. My senses were telling me that he was coming.

I found a rather interesting place the night before called "Nuit en Jour"; a local 'club' for vampires to go in the daytime that would provide superior refuge from the sun. I decided to spend my day there.

As I sat in Noir en Jour, a vampire approached me. He told me that he recognized me from stories that his maker would tell. He wanted me to tell him my story.

"Let's see. Since all I seem to have is time, I might as well tell you.

It has been a long time since I was first made, so long in fact that I do not recall when exactly the event took place. Some say that I stole the Dark Gift from my Parisian maker. Those are the ones that did not live to see the next eve. I was ostracized from all vampires, having not been properly made in accordance with the Laws of the Vampires. I spent my time trying to find a beautiful blonde male to pass the trick on to, for you see, I may have broken one law, but I did not intend on breaking them all. I still desperately wanted to insult God to prove that I was superior. I also spent my time learning alchemy. I was quite skilled in it and discovered an elixer that could resurrect a vampire after death. This intrigued me.

I traveled all over the populated world looking for what I desired. I killed, then left the unwanted to rot, having decided that they weren't suitable for my needs. I quickly acquired the epithet of 'Mad Magnus'. It kind of agreed with me due to the fact that I was akin to anything that would instill fear in others. After a while, in France, I met a handsome young man by the name of Lestat de Lioncourt. You all probably know him. I kidnapped him, then forced him to drink from me. You see, I did not believe in giving someone an option at eternal life. Immediately after I had given him the Dark Gift, I decided to test out my elixer and wound up throwing myself into a fire. I wasn't out long enough to do much harm but I was gone long enough to make Lestat feel is if I had abandoned him.

From that moment on, I dedicated myself to finding the man that I so desperately wanted before...the accident. It has been many centuries since I last saw him and I hope that some day I will see him once again."

He told me the last place that he saw Lestat. He told me that I had to go back to where I came from, to France. I was both completed and saddened to hear what that vampire had told me. Completed to know that I would find my dear Lestat and saddened because I had already come from there! Needless to say, I was getting rather upset. I decided to dine on that very informative vampire.


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london, night. [17 Aug 2004|10:59pm]

Jesse stirred. She had been having a nightmare.

Another one. Like the one where she could hear Nicki laughing, but this time it was more ominous...

This time, Jesse could see Nicki playing, she was watching him, like she had in the park. And when he turned toward her, she saw that he was covered in blood, just as he had been in the street earlier, when he'd mercilessly attacked that man.

And his eyes... they were more dead than she'd ever seen them.

She woke up, sat up straight, looked over at Nicki. Still asleep. Still peaceful. Still hers.

Jesse settled back down in to the bed, watching Nicki, afraid to sleep. It was almost time to get up, anyway.
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[10 Aug 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Nicolas stood in the spot where Jesse had left him. He raised his eyebrow and squinted to see her. He saw her, very faintly, running faster than any mortal, or immortal, that he had ever seen. He heard her calling him to go after her and he heard the water of the shower water running. He had to do that?

Well, there was only one way to find out his powers. Besides, it might be a good thing to figure out exactly what he could and could not do before he met Lestat and Marius.

Taking a deep breath, Nicolas closed his eyes made the choice to return to his house, faster than he thought possible. Before he knew it, he was passing all the familiar houses, only half glimpsing them. He ran right over the flower beds, only trampling a few instead of all. The door swung open before Nicolas crashed right into it, and that shocked him more than anything.

By the time he came to his senses, he was in the doorway of the bathroom, grinning at Jesse and taking off his shoes.

"Holy shit" he thought again. Of all the new mortal phrases, he enjoyed that one the most.

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Feeding the Talamascan [06 Aug 2004|11:06am]

Jesse smiled at Nicki.

"He doesn't hate you," she said, regarding the man looking out his wndow. "His flower beds hate you."

Her weakness was catching up to her. What a shame that travelling so much was so exhausting! She'd forgotten because she seldom did it.

Although Jesse knew London, knew it quite well, she'd never hunted London. She knitted her eyebrows.

I have no idea where to start.

If she'd been thinking clearly, Jesse could've thought of a dozen places, but she wasn't. She honestly needed an answer.
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Traveling [04 Aug 2004|11:22pm]

Nicolas took Jesse’s hands and let her pull him up to his feet. The bottom half of his, which wasn’t buttoned, flew back with the sudden movement. He finished buttoning the shirt, watching the some of the crowd mingle, and others leave. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and shook his head.

“I could never imagine playing in front of so many people,” Nicolas said lowly and shook his head again. He had a sense of amazement on his face and his eyes clouded over and he had an almost melancholic look in his eyes. No doubt he was feeling nostalgic.

He turned to Jesse and smiled softly. “I have something to ask of you. It may be out of line, but I know I can’t do it myself,” he said simply.
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Late sleeper [03 Aug 2004|03:17am]

Pandora awoke alone, and knew that she had overslept. The pain she had drifted of to sleep in had dissipated with the extra rest, and her skin was left a faint bronze. It made her chuckle, her first burn from the sun and she barely had a tan. Wrapping Marius’ cloak around her she crawled out of the shelter of Lestat’s old castle and traveled to the town proper.

Her first intention had been to seek out Marius and Lestat. Marius at least would be in the area, or he wouldn’t have left his cloak. If he returned to the castle looking for her, he would know since she had taken the cloak that she was also still in the area. Paris distracted her though. Locking herself within a public toilet she pulled the roses and ribbons from her strangled hair and washed away what blood she could from Lestat’s tears. She still looked horrible, a wild thing with crinkled clothes, but she was presentable enough to walk the streets at a mortals pace.

Somehow she found herself inside on of the many stores: going through a rack of dresses with a sales lady hovering over her, wanting her to try this specific dress because it would just be perfect for her. The attention was unneeded, but in the end Pandora was glad that she had not sent her away. The dress was made from layers of pure cotton revealed the color of the skin beneath it without being truly see through. The hem fell high on her thigh and the fake corset laced top was sleevless, Marius’ cloak looked fabulous over it. She hadn’t expected to shop and therefore had no money but with a little mental persuasion she left the store with already wearing the dress, her hair brushed smooth.

Feeling much better, she opened her mind in search of Lestat… hoping Marius was with him. Please tell me Lestat, that you haven’t left me in this foreign city to search for a fledgling that may want to remain dead alone.
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A trip to LA/ just push play [03 Aug 2004|12:36am]

As soon as Nicki said his tentative yes, Jesse silently said, Good. Then come with me.

When he stood up, she put her arm around his waist again, and willed them upward. Toward L.A.

As they moved through the air, Jesse again spoke to Nicki silently. Believe me, you'll like where we are going. Never been to L.A., have you?

She was having way too much fun with this.

But soon enough, Jesse reached where she wanted to be: a medium sized stadium, already full and waiting for something. A concert, but she was sure Nicki wouldn't know that.

Jesse set them down on the roof of the huilding, so that they were perched high above the crowd that was chanting and waiting for the main act to come out. She sat down, fixing her hair and her green dress, legs dangling over the side of the impossibly high spot she'd chosen, down into the stadium itself. But there was a perfect view of the stage.

Jesse looked at Nicki, who was stunned, disheveled, and looked mostly like he'd like to kill her. She just grinned at him.
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going out [30 Jul 2004|12:56am]

Jesse managed easily, after that, to pull Nicki up, off the bed, and out the door. She really was not one for shopping; she hadn't lied. But wearing the same clothes for as long as she had, Jesse felt forced.

They went to a trendy store, a little shop nearby in one of the towns closest to Maharet's home. Jesse'd gotten herself a dress, feeling like she should for some reason dress nicely, instead of running around the world in jeans, at least for tonight. It was green and short, and it showed off her eyes, legs and hair, making it seem even redder and more vibrant than usual.

Jesse managed to get Nicki into some new clothes, too, which he had chosen himself, grudgingly.

After that, once they'd both changed and Jesse had gaped at how gorgeous Nicki looked all cleaned up, she knew he'd have to feed.

"I can go with you, if you like," Jesse offered, though she didn't intend on feeding again herself so soon. "And then you'll have to let me know where you'd like to go."

She smiled at him, warmly.

I am in so much trouble, she thought.
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the morning after [28 Jul 2004|01:13am]

Jesse's eyes opened. It was night. She could feel everything in her waking up.

It couldn't be much more than late afternoon, really, but her blood allowed her to wake up rather quickly, as vampires went.

She was surprised at first to feel arms around her and realize her head was lying on someone's heart, but then she remembered. Nicki.

Jesse didn't move. He'd embraced her in his sleep, and she, in her sleep, had rolled almost onto him.

She smiled slightly. It was very comfortable, this position she'd found herself in.

This should be interesting, she thought, closing her eyes again.
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Hotel Room [27 Jul 2004|03:27am]

Nicolas stood outside the door and fought with the card key for a few moment. He had Jesse leaned against the wall but his leg was in front of her, holding her up in case she fell again. Finally, he got the card key to work and swung open the door, cursing technology. He placed his arms around Jesse’s waist once more and led her into the hotel room. He was surprised that even with her immense and almost frightening strength, she was still light and feminine.

He kicked the door shut behind him, tossed the card key somewhere and flicked on the lights. He gently guided Jesse over to the bed and sat her down on it. Falling down on his knees, he untied Jesse’s sneakers and slid them off of her. He placed them carefully next to the bed so that when she woke up, she would see them.

Nicki pulled down the covers halfway, picked Jesse up, once more amazed at how light she was, and placed her on the bed, drawing the covers up under her chin.

“I’m going now, so you can rest,” he said to her and smoothed her flaming red hair back from her forehead that was colored with the blood from earlier. “Thank you,” he said as he stood up and started for the door.
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Feeding the Musician [26 Jul 2004|10:59pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

Jesse didn't speak, figuring that asking before flying was enough of a warning. She wound an arm around Nicki, and, once more, willed them up.

They only went a few miles. Jesse blinked and their flight was over. She set them down, careful not to make any noise.

They were in a parking lot, behind a bar, with almost a spotlight of light on them coming from an outdoor bulb.

Jesse smoothed her hair. She extended her hand to Nicki.

Shall we?

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Jesse and Nicki travelling again [26 Jul 2004|12:11am]

[ mood | determined ]

Nicki's exclamation of "take me" had brought a curve to the edges of Jesse's mouth. She hadn't realized he'd wanted the violin, or the mirror for that matter. His reaction led her to believe he'd leave them in that field.

But when he ran back to get him, she was sure of two things- that she definitely, and unfortunately cared for him, and that he was not completely insane.

She wound her arms around Nicki's waist and willed them both upward, away from the field. No more than ten minutes later they touched back down, standing now in the desert near to Maharet's home- but not near enough for it to be a concern.

Jesse let go of Nicki, her red hair wild and her eyes wide. She gestured to a boulder that stood near a Joshua tree. Up there, she said to him, not speaking.

This was a place Jesse used to come to talk with Maharet, during the summer she spent with her and with Mael. It was, in her opinion, the best place on the planet to sit and talk, and it was shrouded with important memories and the laughter of those Jesse cared about.

She quickly, easily jumped up onto the rock, not realizing what a labor that climb must have been for her as a mortal. She hadn't been here as a vampire yet.

Jesse looked down over the edge of the thing at Nicki. Well?

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Les Innocents [25 Jul 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Dank breeze entered the coffin as Pandora, left me evidently hearing Marius’s entrance, being he was the only one in the knowledge of our whereabouts. I knew she would go to him, that was why I invited him here a gesture of warmth and one to show him we were not running away together, and a notion to show him that I was sorry and regretful that I leave in her company without a single word to him as to why. It was plain and without need of assumption that she would climb in with him, leaving me alone with my contemplations, that’s most doubt what I needed to be alone for once I needed just myself in these times of trial.

My thoughts were rampant uncontrollable and plain erratic, as the slumber once again for the countless day swept me into its protective embrace. Images of Nicki come and went; tones and volumes of his voice deafened my brain, it was all too much to take in, and most of all believe that he could be alive, but why of all people would Marius lie to me? I didn’t wish to fully accept the pure chance until I laid eyes upon him myself, until he was in MY presence. These endless ponderings went on and stabbed me with their realism; it was as if my own body and soul (if I still retained one) were trying to convince my mind and stubbornness that he was in fact still here.

My thoughts always did send and sway away the paralytic effect of the day, quicker than anything else could I just wished that the thoughts were more pleasant and positive. I awoke, as planed sooner and earlier than the two bunking together, as I presumed I needed to resume my nostalgic retracing, alone. I threw off the coffin lid and exited with a sigh of displeasure, presuming the two of them will be angry at my sudden vanishing act, that I was about to perform.

Lucky for them I had a pen in my pocket (and no not for the possibility of hungering autograph hunters) if it wasn’t for that I would be on my hands and knees scavenging for a quill. Finding a slab of material to note upon, I scribbled the following.

I leave you now, to be alone if you combined your wealth of knowledge you could find me, but I at least ask you for a head start. I need reflection that only a trip down memory lane can provide. Marius my words I know have hurt and wronged you, disrespectful and discourteous, you will have my sincerest of apologies on that of a bended knee when I return, but for now I say adieu.

With All love

With that I left, leaving my note where they would sure to find it. I was out and flying back to the now populated nightlife of Paris, starting from the proverbial beginning. Before I could miss something with unneeded haste, I resorted to merely walk to where I was intending to visit. The Hotel, where I and he spent our nights, debating on all things unseen and unfaithful. It had been so long I wouldn’t dare presume if it was still standing; it was a ramshackled desolate building even back then, so if it even stood now it would be doomed for demolition.

I walked and entered the region, sauntered down the crackling paved path, waiting to see if it was still with us. As I expected another edifice stood in its place, surrounded by the concrete eyesore of public parking. Well least this cuts down my hunt, and remembrance of the past. There was only one place left to re-examine. Les Innocents, wasn’t to far away from the hotel, and as I walked I remembered the time where I would frequent the locals as on my mothers advice, as to seek those who could read and write so I could dictate letters to send to her.

The foundations of the ancient cemetery were as old as the headstones that littered and morbidly decorated the surroundings, ever fragment with the stench of death. The etchings I could see were faded to the eye void of any sign that a person was buried many feet below the infested dirt. I kept on walking through the mass of granite, stone and intimidating makeshift crucifix’s as if their mere religious icon was a ward to any evil, such as me.

The catacombs far beneath my feet was were I was heading towards, I doubt such a historical place such as that would have been touched by the damaging hand of the Paris council, where art and heritage ruled all. I expected or more presumed that the only ones daring enough to set foot in the depths were grave robbers, those who thought the benefits would be well worth the risk of intrusion but possibly finding the remnants of the vampire clam that tore them limb from limb. What would I find? The same possably..well there was only one way to find out.

The entrance was how I remembered it, under the weight of a thick slab of stone, to huge and strenuous for any mortal’s effort but effortless for my strength. I walked down slowly piercing the darkness with my vampirc vision, step by step made my anxiety beat faster as I penetrated the darkness. I had no idea what I was walking into; really my overflowing arrogance seemed to denote my common sense. My feel laid flat, my eyes still shedding light upon the darkness that the room was drowning in, saw the room, at first impression looked untouched but impressions can be deceiving, I wasn’t alone.

Four, no five vampires were here with me, glaring and hissing that I was invading there privacy. Now THIS brought back memories.

was I supposed to knock first?i guess I know how you feel if I were you I would hate to be bothered in such a intrusive way as this, but I do as I please simple as that really” I spoke of, taking a seat on one of the only remaining seats after spinning it around to sit on it, my arms resting across the back that was facing me.

“Brat….” they hissed, with an audible French dialect.

I commend your perception, although your predictable garments leave nothing to the imagination.. I replied wincing seeing there skinny pale bodies hanging underneath the torn, faded robes they were wrapped in.

Before I knew it or really bothered to detect, they were upon me in a savage rush, ready to rip me to shreds, their sharp long nails at there disposal. It didn’t really matter to me of there age, they could be as old as the original coven that dwelled here, or merely copycats giving birth to the old believes and philosophies, of the children of darkness.
I didn’t even need to stand to ward of these fools, just a stroke a wave of my hand sent them flying across to make a stern life ending impact against the wall. So it wasn’t long till I was surrounded by not only the darkness by the plentiful strewns of corpses laid one atop the other, dead under there own roof. I looked at over to my side seeing the makeshift cages that once housed the newly turned Vampires, to whom were imbedded in the dirt to test their new found strength, to survive.

The day of his rescue sprung to mind, where myself and Gabriele risked it all to get him back, easier than we expected it would be, but it happened right here, in this one spot. They were angry, merciless and plain stuck in the ignorance of there ways, showing what they were capable of, as pitiful as their ways were. I sat sighed closed my eyes, knowing Marius and Pandora were awake and realizing where I was, it was time to learn the truth straight from the mind and trust of Marius himself, I was ready for it I was now welcoming it….

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